Sunday, 13 February 2011

Spring is starting to spring!

After days and days of grey, misty, soggyness, the sun finally shone yesterday afternoon, so I took a little turn in the garden to see what new developments there had been. Here is a small selection...


...a group of snowdrops and a cluster of cyclamen


 first primrose flower, and tulip foliage breaking the ground

...Hellebore 'Pure White', with seedlings at its base

 ...a lovely pink speckled hellebore, and a deep pink one with pale edges, that is being very unusual because it is holding its face up (I had to virtually lie on my back to take the picture of the speckled one!)

The baskets are looking quite nice, though the lilac pansy is definitely happier than the white one with the purple centre. I keep dead-heading, and hopefully the white one will perk up as the weather warms up.

I also sowed 32 Broad Bean 'Aquadulce Claudia' seeds into root trainers. Once these have grown on, I'll pop them in at the allotment. I'm not direct sowing this year because the 'norty' shrews kept eating my seeds before they'd had chance to germinate.

And speaking of 'norty', here's a picture of Mr Norty (our squirrel) eating birdseed from a hanging feeder in the pouring rain. Goodness knows how he's hanging on to the pergola! We gave him some monkey nuts yesterday, and this thrilled expression came over his face...he then proceeded to bury them all over the garden. Oh well!

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Onion Moon Planting Trial Part 4 - I have a confession...

All my Moon Planting trial onion seeds have died...doooops!

I don't think I over or under watered them, I guess the underfloor heating was just too much for them. Oh well, you live and learn!