How I came to gardening

Thank you for visiting my blog. Let me give you a little bit of my background.

My mother was an incredibly keen gardener, it was her passion, and whilst that was a wonderful thing, my brother and I were never allowed to have a go too....Oh, and she would never grow vegetables! During our school holidays, my mother would drag my father, brother and I round every garden and stately home in existance. I got sick of gardens.

Then, in my teens, I discovered Bonsai, self contained little gardens that were all mine, I had about 20 trees in my collection, mostly started from seedlings.

When I moved in with my boyfriend (now husband) I discovered the joys of having my own garden, and I haven't looked back. In 2007 we took on a private allotment and a self-built our own house simultaneously (crazy fools!). I now grow a mixture of ornamentals, fruit and veg with varying degrees of success, and for a time enjoyed entering my produce in the village Garden Society Spring, Summer and Autumn shows. Now I just garden for the sheer joy of it.

Initially the reasons I started this blog were to capture my gardening activities, successes and failures and use it as a memory jogger for me personally. To give my lovely friends on 'The Grapevine' forum at the opportunity to see what a hash-up I make of things, and hopefully steer me in the right direction!!

As time went on, my reasons changed with me and my circumstances, read all about that in the posts :) xx

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