Monday, 2 July 2012

Another Gardening Confession time - It's So Embarassing ...

What have I achieved in the garden?

Here we are, 2nd July,
And I cannot tell you a lie
I haven't sown any seeds at all
Have I hit the gardening 'wall'?

Okay, enough of the dreadful poetry, but it's true, it's 2 months since my last post, and I don't feel much further on than I was then.

But I suppose I have done some things... the weather has been absolutely dreadful, which hasn't helped matters, but I know my heart hasn't been in it so far this year :-(

So what have I done?

My kind neighbour gave me a stack of seedlings, flowers and vegetables, and I've planted most of these out in the garden (please don't mention the lottie :o! ). So I have now got some sweet peas and french beans flowering.

A little bonus I discovered yesterday, is that an unpicked Achocha fruit, from last years plants, has seeded itself into the raised bed, so I've got at least three plants appeared, and they look nice and healthy.


The summer bulbs I planted in the 'woodland' garden are starting to pop up and look super, especially the lillies and anemonies. It would be lovely if I had some looking good for the Summer Show.

MiL is moving house this week (sad, but very sensible), and I managed to dig up a couple of particularly pretty Aqueligia from her old garden. It's kind of nice, because now there will always be a little bit of 'Longfield' (my OH's childhood home) here in our garden.

I managed to plant up the hanging basket and window baskets at the front of the house, and they are filling out really well.

I took some cuttings from a nice Dianthus at our old house, and they have taken root and put on new growth, so I've popped them in the garden here at the new house.

I've clipped the hedges back a bit, but the rain has really encouraged them to bounce back, so I have to keep revisiting it.

The delphiniums have flowered quite well (not as well as someone I know), but they do suffer from being under the neighbours monsterous leylandii trees.

I have Hollyhocks about to start flowering - the first ones I've ever managed, so I'm really excited to see them do their thing.

Summer Fruit

I've got lots of summer raspberries forming, which is really exciting, as my little wood mouse has eaten every single strawberry, just before it's been ripe enough to pick - little monkey! So, today I've bought some plastic bell cloches online, and hopefully they will protect the last fruits for me to enjoy.

So...actually, that's quite a lot ... I don't feel so bad now :-)

I'll add some piccies soon.