Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Perfect Pony Holiday in Dartmoor

This week's video is a roundup (pun-intended) of all the pony fun I had on my holiday this year.

I've never been to Dartmoor before, this beautiful rolling landscape is made all the more magical by the sheep, cows and ponies that live in it.

If you're looking for maximum Dartmoor Pony encounters, then I highly recommend the car park off the B3387, the "Haytor National Park Information Centre", where the ponies congregate during the day, and the "Dartmoor Pony Heritage Trust", situated on the National Trust Parke Estate just beyond the small town of  Bovey Tracey.

There are several Pony Trekking/Riding centres on the moor, and for upclose contact with the tiniest ponies, go to the Miniature Pony Centre at Moretonhampstead.

I freely admit to being a pony-mad girl (actually a not-quite middle aged woman), and short of actually riding a horse, this fulfilled a lot of my pony dreams ☺

Enjoy the video, it's full of cuteness,

Rebecca xx