Thursday, 16 September 2010

My first post...I'm very nervous.

It's two days before the Garden Society Autumn Show, and my garden is looking a bit disasterous.

  • My huge pink Dahlias have been munched by earwigs (must remember to put straw-filled flowerpots out next year to catch the little blighters).
  • My tomatoes are looking great...but they are all green - not a red one in sight!!
  • I have one pathetic french bean
  • My carrots are tiny

However, I might be able to scrape together a fair set of shallots, my grapes are looking super, I've got quite a few pumpkins and squashes, some lovely tiny purple chillies called 'Pretty in Purple', and I've managed to grow celery (thanks to my friend Zazen's advice), its quite slender, but its worth a go.

I've entered 21 classes for this show, but I don't think I'll  have enough produce to actually exhibit in that many classes on the day. I haven't looked at the lottie for a couple of weeks, so I'll either get some nice surprises, or some nasty shocks! Eeek!

I'll post an update with some piccies after the show on Saturday.


  1. Hey PB, Looking forward to reading your blog and seeing piccies too! Good luck on saturday!!!
    See you on the vine
    Donna x (aka jackyspratty)

  2. Ooh! My first visitor (maybe I should have laid on some canapes and bubbly ;0)). Thank you for visiting Donna, I'm quite pleased with my Yule Log and Lavendar Shortbread, so fingers crossed.

  3. Hi PB Can't wait to see the piccys. Loving the blog, might even do one myself as long as its easy?

    Good luck tomorrow