Monday, 24 September 2012

Was it all worth it? Panic Planting and the Gardening Year

The title of this post covers two points 1) The panic planting earlier in the month 2) The gardening year as a whole.

1) Planting the garden in September

We did do a lot of work to get the garden presentable for our guests last weekend, and we were supremely lucky that the weather on the Saturday was glorious, because the Friday and Sunday were not so!

I was terribly busy cooking and trying to be a gracious host, whilst my dad spent the day driving me bonkers and picking holes in everything. The guests all kept loitering in the kitchen while we were trying to organise the seating arrangements, juggle plates and carve joints of meat, so it was great to be able to throw open the French doors and thrust our guests out into the garden, knowing it looked the best it could.

No one really commented on the pretty bits of the garden, except MrPB's Summer House and the guinea pigs (which were much admired), the spoil heap and weeds covered by tarpaulin (which were not admired!), and the dirty great Leylandii...which were the subject of hot debate including lots of suggestions on which bits need sawing off.

I'm not disappointed that discussion revolved around the work-in-progress bits rather than the finished bits. People tend to be drawn to things that don't look quite right or out of place, whilst simply accepting those things that feel complete or harmonious. Maybe the 'incomplete' somehow 'jars' the mind and eye, and they need to understand what and why. (Oooh! nice unintentional rhyme!!)

2) The gardening year

 As a whole it's been a tricky one for me. I have sown no seeds, grown no produce, bar three tomatoes. I haven't visited the allotment, and have left the garden very much to its own devices. My heart has not been in it this year. The very wet Spring was followed by a wet, then bakingly hot Summer, in the middle of which I was quite quite poorly. Before I knew it, August was here and I had done nothing.

I only took part in the first Gardener's Society show of the year, and the results were a clear demonstration that all was not well.

My attention has definitely been focussed very heavily on my jewellery making, and commissions for the gift shop that stocks my pieces, and almost every evening has seen me working in my craftroom till late at's not really any wonder that I was so unwell in July :-/

I have managed to shed some responsibilities during the course of the year, and my hope is that things will be different next year, and I will feel inspired by the possibilities of my little alloment and garden...they're not much, but they're mine xx

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