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Beatrix Potter and The Amiable Guinea Pig

Beatrix Potter and her love of animals

Beatrix Potter was an English girl born in 1866. She was educated at home by a succession of governesses, and went on to become the author of some of the most enduring, best-loved children's stories ever published. 

She was an avid artist, becoming an accomplished botanical illustrator and created all her own story book illustrations. 

She wrote about her pets, farm animals and the wildlife that surrounded her home. Her first book was the self-published The Tale of Peter Rabbit (1901), and in 1903 she designed and produced a plush toy of Peter Rabbit which she patented, and this toy became the first ever licensed literary character. 

Most of her stories were darkly cautionary tales for young children, teaching important life lessons to Victorian and Edwardian children, but she also wrote poetry, and my favourite (you'll see why) comes from the collected works called Appley Dapply's Nursery Rhymes. It is entitled The Amiable Guinea Pig

Beatrix Potter's The Amiable Guinea Pig

There once was an amiable guinea pig, 
Who brushed back his hair like a periwig --
He wore a sweet tie, 
As blue as the sky --
And his whiskers and buttons
Were very big.

By Beatrix Potter
© Frederick Warne & Co.

With kind permission from Penguin Random House UK


  1. This is so very sweet. Thank you for putting this out there :) <3

    1. Thank you javagirl09, it's adorable isn't it xx


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