Thursday, 27 April 2017

We're on Instagram too!

I've added another string to my social media bow!


I'm loving the quick updates I can do, sharing photos with you all as they happen.
I'm using a little selection of hashtags on my posts, including (but not limited to ;) :

Cookie Syrian hamster Instagram
Cookie is excited about Instagram x

and most importantly... #pumpkinbecki - oh yeah! My own hashtag :)

Make sure you follow us on Instagram too @pumpkinbecki
Pumpkin Becki xx


  1. How exciting! What made you decide to join Insta? I have an account, but I've never posted and don't know if I should start!

  2. Hi Sarah, I steered away from Instagram for so long, but then I realised what a handy way it is for sharing photos with like-minded people. Uploading is really quick, the filters are cool, but you don't have to use them (I often don't), and post length isn't limited like Twitter. As anyone reading my blog can see, I don't really do short posts (this is probably the shortest!), so editing what I want to say down to a few characters makes my head hurt :) It's certainly helping my blog reach as well xx