Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Daisy's 2nd birthday - Time for a Guinea Pig Party!

What a transformation

Who'd have thought two years ago that my little wisp of fluff, Daisy Doo would turn into such a magnificent creature. 

When we first saw her, we had no idea quite how her crazy coat would grow, or what a wonderful peacekeeper she would grow up to be, we just knew we needed her to be part of our lives.

Daisy baby guinea pig 8 weeks old
Daisy when she first arrived with us at 8 weeks old

Daisy baby guinea pig eating
She was so small she was dwarfed by even the tiniest of bowls

Daisy baby guinea pig surrogate mum
She clung to Molly Mumma, who was such a gentle spirit

You're a super-special girl Daisy Doo, and we love you bucketloads.

Come and join Daisy and the herd at Daisy's 2nd birthday party

Rebecca xx

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