Thursday, 18 April 2019

Easy Easter Decorations with plants

Easy Easter Decorating with Flowers

Hi Everyone,

This week's video is a celebration of Easter and Spring.
I've used a 2nd hand tea set, some adorable little viola and poached egg colour primula, teamed with neutral linen napkins folded into bunny rabbit shapes, and my Gisella Graham Chicken doorstop.

Cute Easter Tea Party DIY Decor flowers plants
Time for a cute Easter Tea Party
These easy decoration ideas are inexpensive and so easy to do. Use all of them for a fun Easter Tea Party, or pick elements for a cute shabby chic table setting. Check out my YouTube video below for how I put it all together.

planting flowers shabby chic containers
Viola in a china sugar bowl with pretty tea time treats

Bunny napkins pretty Spring flowers shappy chic tea party
Napkins folded into bunnies with viola and primula plants
Rebecca xx

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