Monday, 30 May 2011

Potting on and Planting out

This Bank Holiday weekend has been all about potting on and planting out.

It started on Friday, with the arrival of our new tree fern (to replace one we lost over the winter). It's super!

The Viola 'Rebecca' that I bought as 5 little plug plants from Sutton's, have really come on, so I've planted them out in the garden.
Dwarf French Beans 'The Prince' and 'Dalmation' have gone into a raised bed near the fig tree.

Climbing French Beans 'Tiger's Eye' and 'Lazy Housewife' are in a long tom planter with bamboo cane supports.

Achocha 'Fat Baby' has been planted under an obelisk (2 plants).

I've potted on most of my Tomato plants again, and loads of Swede 'Helenor' seedlings. Also the primed leek seedlings from Sutton's, which have come along very quickly with an excellent germination rate.

A quick check of everything else shows that the sweet peas are coming along, and the strawberries are fattening up well. I'm looking forward to picking both of these!

And the delphiniums are looking the best they have ever done, and I really like the deep purple against the blue of the Summerhouse.

We also made a couple of trips to the allotment for some hard labour.

We finally got the chitted seed potatoes in. The ground at the allotment has been so hard and the weather so dry that it's been impossible to put them in any sooner. We dug out trenches, and put some well rotted manure in the bottom, popped the tatties into this, and earthed them up a bit. We'll have to visit more regularly that we have been to keep them covered up properly.

We also did a lot of weeding - they've really enjoyed the rain we've had recently.

I constructed some supports, and planted out peas 'Junos' and 'Kelvedon Wonder'

I filled some gaps amongst the Aquadulce Claudia plants (I use the term loosely, because they've suffered in this hot weather, so I've trimmed them all right back to a sturdy side shoot - it'll be a while before I get any Broadies this year) with some 'Hurst Longpod' which did really well last year.

We really need to strim the paths, but the strimmer doesn't want to play ball at the moment, so that will have to wait. In the meantime a pair of shears made it look a fair bit tidier.

We had to give up just after 8pm, because the cloud came down really low over the Downs, and a fine drizzly rain started falling - you know, the sort you can hardly see, but soaks you to the skin instantaneously!

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