Sunday, 12 June 2011

My New Arrivals

So this isn't a gardening post as such, but there are two new arrivals in my garden today...


...and Poppy

They are 8 week old female guinea pigs and they are my birthday present (my birthday is today). I was meant to be waiting for them, but MrPB said he was feeling impulsive. We found Coco at the local garden centre. She was the only female they had, but once I'd seen her, I couldn't leave her behind. We then scoured the local area looking for a friend for her, but could only find males. We headed home, MrPB built her new hutch and we got her settled in. I rang one more place, and sure enough, they had 3 girls available at about the right age, so we shot over there, and home came Poppy :-))

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