Monday, 13 December 2010

Moon Planting Onion Trial

Today I am starting a Moon Planting Onion Trial with my lovely friend Zazen.

She's very into Moon Planting, and is our resident guru on the 'Grapevine'. I've often 'looked in' on her trials but never actually taken part, but this evening I thought 'to heck with the rain outside, I'm going to do this one!'

What makes it doubley exciting for me, is that I've never grown onions from seed before, only from sets.

Here's the rules:
  • Take 2 pots and fill with the same compost.
  • Take a pinch of onion seed, and sow today, into one of the pots, and label.
  • Next Monday sow a pinch of seed into the second pot, and label
  • In 12 weeks time we'll compare pot 1 against pot 2

Sounds simple doesn't it?

Well, here are my two pots, with pot 1 duly labelled. I'm using Suttons 'Long Red of Florence' onion seed, purchased a few weeks ago, so it's completely fresh, and peat free multi-purpose compost (coz I haven't got any seed compost in at the moment, hopefully that won't make a difference). I've placed the pots on the kitchen floor, which has underfloor heating, and in next to the French Doors, so they'll get plenty of light.


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