Saturday, 9 April 2011

Garden Society Spring Show 2011 results

I've been feeling really poorly for the last week and a half, so I took a very slow run-up to this years Spring Show, starting my cooking preparation on Wednesday when I soaked the fruit for my rich fruit cake.

Thursday, I baked the fruit cake...and slightly burnt it! Rats! The recipe said 2 1/2 to 3 hours, but by 2 hours 10 the cake was smelling like it was sure was! Thinking other people may have had similar difficulties, I kept the cake in a tin until I could checkout the competition this morning...however, everyone elses cakes were beautiful, so mine ended up on the birdtable. The saddest bit is, that despite being 'over-browned', the rest of the cake was perfect! The fruit was beautifully distributed, and the texture was moist, not wet...Arggghh it was perfect! If only it had been a decorated cake, I could have got away with trimming off the crust. Nevermind.

Thursday, I also make the shortbread base, and caramel for the Millionaire's Shortbread class. I luuuurve Millionaire's Shortbread, but making it reminds me that it is basically a coronary heartattack in a tin!! Butter, sugar, condensed milk, golden syrup...and that's just the caramel bit!

Friday I baked scones, made canapes, put the chocolate on the Millionaire's Shortbread, made flapjacks, and helped set up the Parish Hall. All this was whilst feeling thoroughly unwell, visiting the doctor and having loads of blood samples taken - because of which, I am now sporting a very unbecoming bruise!!

So...the important bit:

I entered 18 classes, exhibited in 13 of them, and came home with the following:

3 First prizes:

'Spring has Sprung' Floral Art also won me a Certificate of Merit, which I am really chuffed with. My beetroot chutney - which is my favourite chutney, and a plate of 5 canapes (same or mixed) - I made mini toad in the hole with horseradish cream, and goats cheese and red onion marmalade tartlets. I even went to the length of making the red onion marmalade especially, and the horseradish cream was from our homegrown horseradish.

3 Second prizes:

Comprised the Millionaire's Shortbread, Floral Arrangement in a Candleholder and a photograph of spring awakening in the garden, mine was of a clump of primroses from my garden.

3 Third prizes:

These were for a vase of mixed outdoor flowers, a cream tea for 2 presented on a small tray, 5 Pansy/ Viola flowers floating in a bowl.

And Finally:
The seed swap is coming along really well. We are getting a nice stock of seeds, and members are donating seed at all the talks, and now the shows too, I'm really pleased, it couldn't have been better received.

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