Wednesday, 6 July 2011

....and that's shallot!! ...I can hear you groaning you know!

Popped up to the lottie this evening, to see what will be ready for the Summer Show on Saturday. I wasn't expecting much, but actually there were lots of exciting things going on.

The weeds had gone mad with all the recent rain, so I left MrPB pulling those up while I dug up my onions and shallots. Here we have Shallot 'Jermor' and 'Golden Gourmet' (in one pile), Onion 'Radar', Onion 'Japanese', and Onion 'Shensui Yellow'.

My elephant garlic didn't get as big as I'd imagined, but I have got four little bulbils (the little buff coloured blobs between the garlic and the label), which I guess I might be able to pot up and grow on for next year.

Me and some of my 'Radar' onions

...and one of my biggest 'Shenshui Yellow', What a klonker!

In other news, I planted out my Mange Toute, which were too big to be in a pot anymore. I'd guess that they were all about two foot tall...they took a bit of untangling I can tell you!.

My peas, 'Kelvedon Wonder' and 'Junos' are looking good, and in fact 'KW' has lots of pods forming, but I don't think anything will be ready for Saturday.

...and finally, this is probably the silliest thing I've ever seen on the plot (apologies for the poor focus)...This Broad Bean pod is almost bigger than the plant its growing on!!! Seriously, the plant is only about 6 inches tall...Crazy!!!

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