Sunday, 31 July 2011

Oh rats!! (...or other small furry creatures)

Popped down to the lottie on Thursday evening, ambitiously taking with me three carrier bags in which to bring back my bumper harvest of broad beans and yummy peas.

Well, the grass paths were a mile high, and the pea bed was full of empty pods, which had clearly been stripped off the plants, nibbled open by rodents and the juicy contents demolished! Hurrumph! Not one single pod of peas left, the little ratbags.

I took the opportunity to chop down the grass paths with a pair of shears - hopefully a helpful local owl will find it easier to predate my little furry residents in shorter grass...I hope there is an owl nearby, or a kestrel, or something...even a cat would do!

I did manage to pick a bag of broad bans, so that was good.

Oh, and I discovered the worst smell in the world...nettles rotting in a wheelbarrow full of rainwater - man alive that is evil!! I bet we're not very popular with our lottie neighbours now!!

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